Materials that I offer include the following:

  • Low temperature thermoplastics
  • High temperature thermoplastics
  • Leather
  • Silver

Reasons for selecting a specific material

Depending on the type of splint, the device may be constructed with different materials

Low temperature thermoplastic

This material will soften in hot water and be molded directly to your skin. You will leave my clinic with a completed, well-fitting splint. This is the most economical option and usually selected for short-term splinting. Various colour choices are available.

Skier Thumb

Carpal Tunnel Wrist

High temperature thermoplastic

High temperature thermoplastic splints are durable, easy to clean and can be immersed in hot or cold water. During your first visit a cast is taken of your hand. The splint will be completed at your second visit.

Wrist Splint


Leather splints are durable and very comfortable. This is an ideal choice if your lifestyle involves heavy lifting. Leather works well for people who are allergic to plastic, but should not be chosen if it is likely to get wet often. A cast of your hand is taken at the first visit, then two layers of leather are stretched over the cast and a piece of plastic is sandwiched between them to reinforce the splint. The splint is completed at the second visit.

Thumb Splint

Wrist Splint


Silver splints are durable and could be mistaken for elegant pieces of jewelery. They are usually provided for permanent, but correctable finger deformities, most often seen in arthritis.