I work with veterinarians to create leg, back and neck braces, that promote healing or enhance function. Materials: Low-temperature thermoplastic sheets are heated, then custom moulded to match the exact contours and requirements of the animal. Velcro is usually used to secure the splint in place. The splint can be remolded if the needs or shape changes.

Dog leg splint

leg braces to protect carpal fusions

Piper wears leg braces to protect his carpal fusions. His splints are attractive and practical.

Hock brace for a dog

This dog needed a hock brace following surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon.

Neck brace for Dog

Neck brace to protect her cervical vertebrae

Georgia required a neck brace to protect her cervical vertebrae which had several malignant lesions.

Back Brace

Back brace

Karma needed a back brace to protect her recent spinal fusion.

Moulding for Llama leg brace

Leg braces to help a Llama

This llama was born prematurely and her leg ligaments weren’t adequately developed when she was very young. Here we are moulding her leg braces, which helped support her when standing.